Tone Vigeland

Tone Vigeland

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Tone Vigeland

The first well-founded and richly ilustrated presentation of Tone Vigeland's art jewellery and sculpture for over fifteen years Spanning 50 years of creative work by one of Norway's most outstanding artists Accompanies a retrospective at Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum, Munich (DE), in spring 2017Scandinavian studio jewellery is simply unimaginable without Tone Vigeland (b.1938) and her work. Her distinctive objects flatter the human body and captivate through their dimensions and volume, yet they are assembled from the tiniest hand-crafted components. Tubes of silver wire, precisely cut plates, spheres and eyelets, all in small scale, are invisibly interconnected, and Vigeland's use of heavily oxidised, almost iron-black silver and steel is a typical feature. The result: art on the human body - highly aesthetic, perfectly executed and always wearable. Around 150 jewellery objects from 1958 to 2010 document Tone Vigeland's pioneering creativity. They are complemented with a selection of objects and sculptures from 1998 to the present day, which can now be seen in an exhibition and publication for the very first time.Text in English and German.Contents: Angelika Nollert: Foreword Petra Hölscher: Tone Vigeland André Gali: Tone Vigeland: Minimalism, complexity, and theatricality Curriculum Vitae

La Compagnie Des Glaces - Tome 1

La Compagnie Des Glaces - Tome 1

Auteur : G.-J. (Georges-Jean) Arnaud
Genre : Livres, Romans et littérature,
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La Dame De La Cave: Roman

La Dame De La Cave: Roman

Auteur : Hamidou Bah
Genre : Livres, Fantasy et Terreur, Fantastique et Terreur,
Lire : 1950
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Auteur : Gfdzlhfdh11,gfhkjfjhgj11
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Histoire De L'allemagne

Histoire De L'allemagne

Auteur : Henry Bogdan
Genre : Livres, Histoire, Europe,
Lire : 1794
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Hp Lcd Display 14 Inch Hd Bv

Hp Lcd Display 14 Inch Hd Bv

Auteur : Hp
Genre : Livres, Informatique et Internet, Matériel,
Lire : 2184
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Entrez Au Panthéon !

Entrez Au Panthéon !

Auteur : Olivier Le Naire
Genre : Livres, Histoire, Monde,
Lire : 1560
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Auteur : Euripide
Genre : Livres, Romans et littérature, Livres de référence,
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